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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Porter County Fair!

Today as we were setting up, a little curly-headed, bright-eyed girl walked by our booth with her grandmother, arms full of boxes and items, on their way to set up their booth with eyes all aglow as I was unpacking tutus and setting up dancing girl pictures at our booth!  Each time she passed our booth her eyes became more fixed and curious as to what our booth was about! A couple times later, she and her grandmother said--'hi!!' with much curiousity and I look forward to meeting them officially this week! I could see her in our next classes to teach girls from a young age they are royalty to the King of Kings and should 'dance for joy' before Him!!

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors we will be at the Porter County Fair in the vendor booth building all this week! The fair runs from July 16-26th, from noon - 9 or 10pm each day! If you arrive around noon the gate is open with FREE ADMISSION! Those helping me with the booth also get 2 free passes into the fair (the passes have to be given back once in the fair)! We are located right next to the VCA booth as they are family and I work for them as well! I am looking forward to meeting many new people and telling them all about our dance studio!

Offers this week:

ENTER TO WIN: will have an entry to WIN a FREE month of classes for new students! There will also be a 2nd way to win given at the booth. If there are plenty of entries, we may give away SEVERAL months of classes!! So send your friends out to sign up! Share this with ALL YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS, your church friends and any other parents you know or don't know yet out there!!

TUTUS: There are tutus FOR SALE for $10 each of various colors and doll tutus FOR SALE for $5 each. I can't wait to see all the fluffy tutus dancing around the fair and people asking---where did you get that?!! Then all these children running to our booth! :) So we will see. I would just love to see that!

OPEN HOUSE: An announcement about our Open House and Open Classes is offered at the booth this week!!  All are welcome to come to our OPEN HOUSE to try classes for FREE!

REGISTER FOR CLASSES: There will be pink folders that contain registration information and new students can register for classes at the fair!

DISCOUNT FOR CURRENT STUDENTS: Current students can have a 50% discount on next month's tuition (when paying monthly) if they refer someone and they sign up for at least a month of classes! Current students come out in your tutu and help your mom at the booth this week!

See you at the fair!

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