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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Honesty, March 8th 2016

March 8, 2015
Don’t forget--- next week Amy and Julliana from Ballet 5:8 will be here at 5:30 for a PARENT FORUM during the 5:30 class. Please plan to attend with your questions!

Creative Movement (CM)- Today the dancers worked hard! I am so proud of them. Thanks to the grown-up they were able to stay focused and learn all about God and dance! In our class we masting one step concepts and adding a second step a times to give them a challenge! For example, march on the line (one step) and shake your shaker at the same time (2nd step challenge). This age group is just trying to learn the English language, understand where their bodies are in space, understand social skills and then also use those skills in the daily life.  It’s a big job for such a little one! Try to remember to encourage your young child when you see them working hard to master a daily living skill.  Here’s a hint for when you need your child to do something (put shoes on, get a toy, pick up something)  use their name first and then give them a command with as FEW words as possible. Try to use only 1-3 words when giving the command.  Also, here are a few dance skills to help them practice this week!
  • START and STOP an activity with a given timing, such as use music to play the freeze game at home!
  • Stand on one foot - balance!
  • Gallop across the floor!
  • Tip toes, or releve walking!

Pre-Ballet (PB)
These little ones are ready for more of a challenge! It has been so delightful to watch the dancers that have just moved up from being with a ‘grown-up’ in class to now being independent!! They are catching on and learning social skills with the other students. I am so proud of them and of you parents that are letting go! I know its hard, but they are doing great! They are learning that they have different sides of their bodies and learning how to use one side first and then the other side. It’s so fun watching them interact with each other and learn! They are also learning how to take turns and let others go first. Please work on the following at home when you get some time! I know this age loves to dance on their own at home and when you see them doing those things on their own, just throw out a reminder from below:
  • How do you MARCH again? That’s right, pick those knees up to your belly button.
  • Find your tree trunk, send a branch out. (first position, tendu point)
  • Open your doggie door (plie)
  • Tip toe (releve walk)
  • Show me a gallop (chasse)

Ballet, 6 years and up
I am so proud of these girls! They are working hard and learning so much! We are really enjoying the worship dance part of our class as well.  We are currently dancing to Great are you Lord by All Sons and Daughters.  They are welcome to put the song on this week and worship dance.  
We also had a devotional this evening about Honesty.
‘To worship God means that we must come before Him with an honest heart. No, we cannot actually see His face, but we can understand who He is, recognize His power, and acknowledge His sovereignty. True worship takes place in an honest heart.’ Girlfriends in God, An Honest Woman, March 8, 2016
The dancers can work on remembering placement of their arms, legs, trunk for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions of ballet. They can also work on their tendus and degages, along with working on their plies to gain strength and grace. Also, work on flexibility this week, stretching anytime they can and whenever they have a moment.

Welcome to our new students this week!
Remember-- next week at 5:30pm Amy and Julianna will be here from Ballet 5:8 to answer questions and have a PARENT FORUM, MEET & GREET. It will be during the 6 yrs and up class. See you then!