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Friday, September 12, 2014

Welcome and fundraising!

Welcome to our new fall season of 2014!

We are so excited to have so many new students with us this season! We have several young ones in which this is their first 'classroom' experience and they are learning much about social skills, classroom expectations and taking turns. We also have several older students that are taking a big step to learning ballet or continuing their ballet education with us! We are a little crowded in the lobby between classes due to the class schedule, so we are changing the shoes area to 'inside' the class.  Your daughter will also learn how to 'check' herself in on an attendance sheet as she enters the class.  Please be patient with us as we work out some of the quirks and, shall I say, get through some 'growing pains'!?

Meagan, our Front Desk Assistant, not only helps us with tuition payments and dance wear orders, but is also working on fundraising for the studio!  We have a growing list of studio needs, such as barres, flooring, supplies and a scholarship fund! The scholarship fund currently has 2 requests for tuition assistance and Meagan sent out an email today regarding a Yankee Candle fundraiser! We are asking all our dancers to participate! :) The catalogs should be available in the next two weeks and more information will be coming!  We also have an ongoing fundraiser of tutus for sale!! Please consider purchasing them for Christmas presents? Birthday presents? Or purchase all of them for a ballet-themed birthday party! These funds go directly to pay for a dancer to take classes!

Tutus for Sale! $10!
Also small ones for dolly! $5!