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Thursday, October 31, 2013


We are now enrolling for our Winter Training session which is from January 6- February 25,  2014 for $70. There will be no recital at the end of the 8 weeks. This training is strictly to work on the dancers hearts and ballet technique, as well as, to have fun without the added preparation for a recital.  The Spring Session will end with a recital again.  There will be a Worship Dance class associated with each age group FREE of charge if already enrolled in a class, or $25 requested donation if not.  We look forward to you joining us! We welcome new dancers!!

Ms. Alyssa will be teaching the younger children Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet on Tuesday evenings, Ms. Heidi will be teaching Beginner Ballet to 9 yrs. through Adult on Wednesday evenings and Ms. Whitney will be teaching Jazz, Tap and Irish Dance on Mondays for all ages!  Ms. Melissa will be helping us with the Worship Dance classes!

See you next week!! email or call 219-476-5595 if interested!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hello everyone!

First, I want to mention as you may have noticed, we are having class from 5-6pm and I am not dismissing the little ones earlier.  It got too confusing for me! I hope that works for everyone, but I think it is working out well for the girls.

Second, we are looking forward to preparing for the recital and there are several things I would like to mention regarding it.

  • It will be a small in-studio recital due to our enrollment this session.  The girls will be trying on their tutus tonight so that I can fit them and then finish them for pictures!  (Pictures TBA)
  • Take NOTE: there is no elevator access to the lower level where our studio is, so please be aware of that when inviting guests to this performance.  There are ONLY STAIRS available.
  • The Recital will be Tuesday, Nov. 19th at 6:30pm.  This will give time for the girls to have a good dinner and then arrive by 6pm to get ready.  No class prior to the recital that evening.
  • Limited seating available, so please limit your spectators. They can stand if needed, but we will have a few more chairs available.
  • Hair should be up in a nice ballet bun. Go on YouTube and search for good ballet bun and you will find great tutorials!
  • The girls are to wear their current nice ballet leotard, tights and ballet shoes, the tutus will go over them.
  • Please bring a plate of cookies to share for refreshments afterwards!

Let me know if there are any questions.  Thanks!